Andy Grammer Surprises Super Fans at Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta!

American singer-songwriter and record producer, Andy Grammer, rocked the worlds of some of his superfans on March 13 with the help of Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta and Star 94 Radio Atlanta

One of Star 94 Radio Atlanta’s listeners has a teenage daughter who has been battling cancer since she was 8. As huge fans of Andy Grammer, the radio station hooked them up with free tickets In addition to winning tickets and a pre-concert dinner at Hard Rock with the Star 94 Morning Show.  


However, what the family didn’t know was that their server in training for the evening “Randy” was actually Andy Grammer decked out in an Hard Rock Cafe server uniform, wig and an awesome (but questionable) mustache.  After a table visit in which Randy refilled some water glasses, he was recognized by the super excited family as Andy Grammer.  Andy then treated the family with a table-side serenade on guitar.  

Thanks, Andy! See more photos on Star 94 Radio’s Facebook page.


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