You Had Me at Modelo – the Pursuit of a Burger on Bourbon Street

We’ve rolled out a new burger and beer pairing this winter – and it’s not your momma’s burger. To create this pairing, we had to take a trip down South and bask in the classic Louisiana flair and flavors of our Modelo Especial Burger and Beer duo. To help us along the way, we brought semi-biased but seasoned burger eaters Rosco Bandana – our friends and legitimate musicians.


Based out of the swamp land of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Rosco Bandana has transcended into something much more complex, containing elements of old school Rock n’ Roll combined with newer Indie Rock sensibilities as well as sprinkling in elements of Blues, Bluegrass, classic and alt Country, Gypsy, Psychedelia, and even some Funk.

But back to the food.

The burger, our Modelo Especial Bacon Cheeseburger, celebrates the city’s larger-than-life culture. To know what a burger that embodies New Orleans would even look like, we turned to cooking expert and New Orleans native, Chef Aaron Burgau.

Chef Aaron and Rosco Bandana cruised the Crescent City Farmers Market (known for cultivating community markets that utilize local resources to bolster authentic local traditions) early morning to learn more about the agriculture of New Orleans and select seasonal ingredients that make up this tasty burger.

The team made their way to the heart of the world-renowned French Quarter in Petite Bourbon Street, past the courtyard and holed up a cozy niche that gave off intimate vibes. Perched on a 40s balcony, overlooking the street that never closes, Chef Aaron, Raul, super cool Modelo Brand Ambassador, and Rosco Bandana were able to chat more about the Hard Rock’s legendary burgers and unique culinary flair.

Thus, they were inspired.

Leaving Rue Bourbon Street, the group put their cooking hats on and took their knowledge to the Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans kitchen, where they accompanied Chef Aaron behind the line and learned how to create this Modelo Especial burger, with Modelo Especial-infused beer cheese and light heat of the grilled poblanos. Oh yeah.

The Modelo Especial Bacon Cheeseburger features a Certified Angus Beef® patty drizzled with Modelo Especial-infused beer cheese and topped with applewood-smoked bacon, grilled poblanos, garlic aioli, lettuce and a tomato slice served on a brioche bun. The burger is served with seasoned fries and a side of Modelo Especial-infused beer cheese, which punches you in the face (gently) with clean and crisp flavors.

The day wasn’t complete without taking a bite of this mouth-watering creation before hitting the stage. With a belly full of goodness and inspiration in their hearts, Rosco Bandana ended their day with a live performance at the Cafe, while local folks treated themselves to the complimentary burger and beer pairing.

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